How to Buy & Sell on

Are you looking for an easy way to sell your goods online? Items like used and new products like cars, phones, electronics, smartphones, clothings to furnitures, houses, lands etc? Then you should try selling them on Emart. is Nigeria’s online marketplace where you can buy and sell anything in Nigeria and post your Ad for free! No commission!

Unlike many other classified ads websites, is 100% free, and will always be! Free to post an ad, free to browse listings, free to contact sellers.

Below are some guides to teach you how to register, post free ads, buy & sell on


–  How to Register on the Website:
Visit the website at and register on the website by creating an account. Edit your Profile and fill in your details correctly. Make sure you provide the correct and up-to-date information when setting up your profile, including your name, mobile number, email address. They are not mandatory though, but they are highly required as these are the routes through which your potential customers can contact you. So, just providing the right information is in your best interest.

–  Account Verification:
You are also required to verify your account after setting up your profile. Click the “Get Verification Code” and check your email, (check spam box if it is not in your inbox) copy this code to the verification box and hit the “Verify button.

–  How to Post Ads on
After setting up your profile, the next thing to do is to post your ad by select “Submit New Listing” button. On this page, you are required to type in the details of the item you want to sell. Like title, name, choose the category belonging to the item, and a catchy description of the item you are selling.

–  Providing Item’s Title
You are also required to create a highly engaging title. Try to keep it short but attractive. Because this is what will attract your potential buyer to your item.

–  Choosing The Category
When selecting the category, make sure that you select the one that best suits the item you’re about to sell. Make sure the item matches the subcategory too. This will make it easy for potential buyers to locate the item you want to sell easily.

–  Writing The Description
Make sure that you describe the general condition of the item and its general characteristics while providing the description.

Nevertheless, don’t write too many words but make sure that the few words you use properly describe the item you want to sell and provide all the necessary information to enlighten the buyer about the item. Some of the product information should include the product condition, the date you purchased the product, and the essential product features.

–  Ad Thumbnail, Images and Video
Here you can list your items free with video and pictures. Photos they often say is worth a thousand words. While posting your ads, make sure you add the product’s image or images. The buyer can also comprehend the state of the product through the images. So ensure that the image is of the highest quality as this will make your ad attractive and impactful.

You can also list your items with video. Make a clear video clip of your items and upload it on video hosting sites like YouTube or Vimeo. Enter the full YouTube or Vimeo video link in the box provided and attach video. With this, your buyer will not only view ad images, but will also view the video clip.

–  Listing Address Selection:
Providing your ad address or location is mandatory. Your ad location is highly required as this is the routes through the search engine pinpoint the location of your ad and display it search result when potential buyer are searching for items to purchase. So is in your best interest to provide the correct information. Providing your ad location is as easy as ABC… select your state and location from “your Location” drop down.

–  Submitting your Ad:
After providing all the informations required above, take some time to properly crosscheck the informations. It’s better to spend a couple of minutes checking what you’ve written than making a wrong post.

Lastly, after cross checking this, you can now select the “Submit” button. You are done!

 Watch Video: Step By Step How to Post Ad on Emart 

However, before your ad goes live for potential buyers on Emart, all listings undergo a sophisticated ads screening system to curb frauds and inaccuracies. After undergoing through this process, you will receive an email notification whether your ad is approved or not.

If approved, you items will go live on Emart website and you’ll start receiving calls from real buyers. Emart also advertise your items on Google and social media like Facebook, Instagram and twitter.


Do you want to buy any particular used or brand new item and you are looking for where to buy at fair prices? Emart is among the best places to visit.

–  How to Search For Items:
Visit website >>> <<< once on the site, type the item you want to buy in the Search Box. And let your keyword be as exact as possible to make sure they accurately describe the item you’re searching for. Also, try to use as few words as possible. This will help you get the best search results possible.

Next, you should choose your preferred location. Choose the right state or city to buy the item. This will make meeting at a convenient place for the transaction easier for you and the seller. Searching for sellers near your location is always better as this will make the transaction much easier.

Scrutinize all the items that appear at that location after selecting your desired location. Look carefully at their details and pictures and make sure that the item is up to your requirement. Also find out if the price is sufficiently reasonable.

Once the item you want to buy is spotted, the next thing is to contact the seller using the “Send Message” button or Mobile Number provide. You can also use the “Send Offer” button to send offer to the seller.

Remember, the item you saw yesterday may be sold later today to the people who saw and thought about it last night… so, contact the seller ASAP.

We strongly advised that our users meet up with seller to inspect the item. Ensure that you meet in a safe, secure and public place. Inspect the item thoroughly before making any financial commitment.

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